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    Etta is lovely, but I'm not crazy about the Marlo spelling. It looks incomplete to me. Etta Marlowe would be my preference.
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    Etta Cordelia? One of my favorite singers is Odetta, but that's a big name for a tiny person...just throwing it out there.

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    Marlo is one of my favorites, sadly my SO, and all my family, don't see the beauty in it. I love it, and while Etta isn't my style, Etta Marlo has an adorable deep to it, and I can see it aging very well. Lilia and Etta are perfect together!

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    I think Etta Marlo is very unique and cool. I also like some of the suggestions: Etta Simone, Etta Pearl, Etta Faye..... Etta Corinne is a favorite combo of mine.
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    Etta Marlowe is lovely and will grow well with her. It's vintage-y and feminine but not girly. The Marlowe spelling makes it look less nickname-y and childish

    Etta Ruby just sounds off. I love both separately but together they're cutesy and kiddie

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