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    Lexie, I do like Augustine. And I could possibly elongate my Jack combo to be Jack Augustine Cole instead of Jack August Cole? or Jack Augustine [something]? Although I feel like it's almost in honor of Augustine, rather than Luther. Hmm. I really quite like the idea of Frederick, though! I was already trying to get Frederick on my list a la Captain Frederick Wentworth of Jane Austen fame. It would be a nice nod to both namesakes. Elisabeth is already on my list (Hazel Elisabeth Grace), and might be a second time if I go for Eva Clara Elisabeth, as well, and I do like Katharina, but those seem a bit farfetched to me, too.

    @domestikated - Oh, my, I love so many of your ideas! I think Saxon is fab--I've loved it for a while--and I've been thinking about Justus, actually! And I love Jonas (which also happens to honor my grandmother--which would be a bonus!), and I quite like Emmett and Verity, although they seem like they might be a stretch. I love Amadeus, but it seems more like it'd be in honor of Mozart if anyone. Not that I mind, Mozart's my favorite composer, and I've been trying to get Amadeus on my list as a middle in his honor. It just seems like a bit of a stretch for Luther.

    Ah, right, also--I don't know the name of the family member. When my dad was talking about it, he said the aide's surname was Kauffmann, which was my grandmother's maiden name. So that's really all I have to go off of atm.

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    I have no help but..... We might be relatives! My grandpa says there is a Bible somewhere in the family that shows our connection to Martian Luther but since he saw it as a teenager, he no longer can remember what relative has it. He has been searching to prove the connection by outside means, but I have not heard anything.

    Hope you enjoy your search and find the perfect name!
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    A tie to Martin Luther is cool indeed! You already have some great suggestions and ideas to pursue above; I wanted to add that in choosing Peregrine, a bird name, for her baby boy, saracita00 considered that they were honoring both Martin Luther (since Martin can also be considered a bird name) and John Huss (the surname Huss apparently means "goose.") It's a bit of a stretch, and only one of many reasons she and her husband loved the name, but a bird name might be another idea to pursue.

    Best wishes!
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    @rushli - Martian Luther. hahaha. That would be cool, though! My dad says its not Martin Luther we're relatives of, but possibly one of his closest aides/lieutenants (I'm not sure what they were called!).

    @saracita00 - I did remember giving bird name suggestions, but I had forgotten the reasoning behind it! Thanks for the wee history lesson. That's a really cool story, and I'm sure my dad would get a kick out of me using Eagle (not sure it's really namey enough, though)--he's a huge Eagles fan. He would probably much prefer that to the Luther connection, hahaha. And honestly, I'm not a huge fan of most of my family names. But I love my family, haha. I don't really "get" the whole family surname thing, most of them are long and German/Swiss and really boring (or ugly, haha). I suppose Kauffmann is more direct, but growing up around hoards of Kauffmanns--I think more of the living family members rather than the aide to Martin Luther.

    I'm really loving Frederick and Saxon/Saxony, though! I had been tossing around Boaz Frederick before--and I like it even more now! I'm also thinking about Charles Justus and Charles Saxon/Charles _____ Saxon...

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