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Thread: Wfyt of Alese

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    Wfyt of Alese

    I went to school with a girl names Alese and love how it looks, but people who didn't know her would always spell it wrong. Should I add it to my list or just stick with Elise?
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    I would definitely stick with Elise.
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    I would stick with Elise. Elyse works, and even Alyse, but I have never seen it spelled Alese and I think people may be confused. (Also it is pretty close to Alesse, a type of birth control pill).

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    My first thought was of Alesse-the birth control pill.

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    I kind of like the way it looks too, but people might say Ah-lehss. I think Elise or Elyse are better options for this pronunciation.

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