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    Aug 2013
    District 8
    DH- Evander Phillip Blakewood (auburn hair, brown eyes)
    Reaped when he was younger
    Store Owner

    DW- Hermione Olive Blakewood
    black hair, grey eyes

    DD- Luna Cheyenne Blakewood (19)
    red hair, brown eyes

    DS- Brody Jason Blakewood (17)
    auburn hair, green eyes

    DD- Taya Scarlett Blakewood (13)
    brown hair, hazel eyes

    DD- Ebony Sophia Blakewood (8)
    black hair, blue eyes
    Sonnet Elowen Alice, Penelope Iris Luna, Evangeline Lucy Wren, Maisie Winter Nova, Lexington Maeve Eloise, Fable Seraphina, Sailor Keira, Thea Summer Lark, Harbor Ava

    Hendrix Milo Flynn, Roarke Simon Maxwell, Castle Quincy Brave, Calvary Stellan Hawk Canaan Fisher Myles

    Guilty Pleasure-
    Boy: Kohl, Falcon, Myles, Flynnigan, Brave
    Girl: Tigerlily, Larkspur, Tinleigh, Emerson, Maddox

    teenberry, equestrian, second youngest of 9 girls
    FurMommy to Bleu the yorkie!

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    Dec 2011
    District 11 (Agriculture)
    DH: Menelaos Hugh Proctor - Harvester
    Blonde, hazel eyes
    DW: Gráinne Mary Proctor (née Thatcher) - Victor/Harvester
    Brown hair, grey eyes

    DD: Aisling Holly Proctor - Irrigator
    Blonde, grey eyes

    DS: Rohan Elias Proctor - Gardener
    Brown hair, hazel eyes

    DS: Marco Alistair Proctor - Harvester
    Blonde, hazel eyes

    DD: Lorena Esther Proctor - Gardener
    Red hair, grey eyes

    DS: Ezra Hamish Proctor - Irrigator
    Red hair, hazel eyes
    William Thomas, Elias Christian, Malcolm James, Isaac Finnian, Joshua Benedict, Vincent Theo, Henry Samuel, Nolan Percival, Robert Julian, Ephraim Maxwell, Gideon Huxley, Arthur Kellan, Ronan Abraham, Miles Nathaniel & Jude Everett

    Alice Genevieve, Eleanor Audrey, Cecily Arianwen, Ivy Arabella, Susanna Irene, Clara Josephine, Lorena Ceridwen, Edith Madeline, Miranda Yvaine, Cordelia Isobel, Vivienne Eliza, Moira Eglantine, Charlotte Paloma, Harriet Phoebe & Aria Guinevere

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    Jul 2013
    Part 1: Husband and Wife
    District: District 6 (Transportation)
    Surname: Steele
    First name: Evander Paul & Alexandra Marie
    Appearance: Evander (Hazel eyes, Auburn hair) & Alex (Blue eyes, Brown hair)
    Background: Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger? No
    Occupation: Evander (Store Owner) & Alex (Geologist)

    Part 2: Children
    Ruby Emma Steele (Blonde hair & Hazel eyes), 18, Geologist
    Gabriel Finley Steele (Brown hair & Grey eyes), 17
    Evelyn Rose Steele (Auburn hair & Blue eyes), 15
    Patrick Ethan Steele (Brown hair & Hazel eyes), 15
    Josephine Sydney Steele (Red hair & Hazel eyes), 12

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    Sep 2013
    England, West Midlands
    District- 7 (Lumber)

    DH: Finn William Blakewood- Hunger Games Victor
    Appearance- Brown Hair and Brown eyes
    Occupation- Is a Furniture builder

    DW: Ismene Cora Blakewood
    Appearance- Auburn Hair and Green eyes
    Occupation- Store Owner

    DS: James Nicholas, Brown Hair Green eyes (20), Occupation: Furniture Builder
    DD/DD: Clove Annabelle and Lucia Isabelle, Brown Hair Green eyes (17)
    DS: Max William, Brown Hair Grey eyes (15)
    DS: Joshua Daniel, Brown Hair Green eyes (14)
    DD: Amelie Georgia, Red Hair Green eyes (12)
    DS: Connor Samuel, Brown Hair Brown eyes (10)
    DD: Katie Macbeth, Auburn Hair Blue eyes (8)
    DD: Lily Cecelia, Red Hair Green eyes (6)
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    Jess, 14 year old Teenberry with a serious name obsession

    Girls: Lucy/Lucie, Amelie, Isobel, Imogen, Evie/Eve, Ella, Mae, Poppy, Lily, Annabel

    Boys: Max, Finn, Luke, James, Louis, Alexander, Benjamin, Harry, Alfie, Joshua

    GPs: Bliss, Evangeline, Georgiana, Una, Rowan, Alexa, Saffron

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    Aug 2013
    PART 1: Husband and Wife

    District: District 5 (Power)

    Surname: Bane (nee Steele)

    DH: Evander Joseph Bane
    -Brown Hair
    -Brown Eyes
    -Store Owner
    DW: Antigone Margaret Bane (nee Steele)
    -Auburn Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    -Store Owner

    PART 2: Children

    DS: Owen Matthew Bane
    -Blonde Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    DS: Noah William Bane
    -Black Hair
    -Blue Eyes
    -Equipment Manager
    DD: Lucy Annabelle Bane
    -Brown Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    -Systems Analyst
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

    ~Pertussis (whooping cough) can be a fatal disease, especially in infants~
    Rest peacefully Lily Reece

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