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    Aug 2012
    District 9 (Grain)

    DH: Bran Howard Eastham
    -Hair color: Red
    -Eye color: Brown
    -Occupation: Store Owner

    DW: Rhea Maude Eastham
    -Hair color: Blonde
    -Eye color: Hazel
    -Occupation: Store Owner

    Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger?
    just a confused teenberry.
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    District 6 (Transportation)
    Last Name: Ridge

    Husband: Conor Philip Ridge
    Conor has red hair and blue eyes
    Wife: Nessa Catherine Ridge
    Nessa has black hair and green eyes

    Background: Neither Conor or Nessa were in the Hunger Games

    Occupation: Conor is a warehouse manager and Nessa runs the Apothecary
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

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    Henry, Jack, Jude, Liam, Beckett, Wesley, Noah, Mason, Simon, Luke
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    District 8

    DH: Adonis Julius Thayer
    -Looks: Brown hair, hazel eyes
    -Occupation: Warehouse Manager
    DW: Morrigan Flora Thayer
    -Looks: Blond hair, green eyes
    -Occupation: Apothecary

    Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger?
    2, 4 or 6: No

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    Dec 2011
    District 11 (Agriculture)
    DH: Menelaos Hugh Proctor - Harvester
    Blonde, Hazel Eyes
    DW: Gráinne Mary Proctor (née Thatcher) - Victor/Harvester
    Brown hair, grey eyes
    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    Vancouver, Canada
    District: 12 (Mining)
    Surname: Nightingale

    DH: Linus James
    -blonde hair, brown eyes

    DW: Calliope Anna "Callie"
    -brown hair, grey eyes

    (neither were reaped)

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