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Thread: The Cul-de-Sac

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    The Cul-de-Sac

    Got this idea from another thread. Name the people in the photos! Add ages and even a little about the family, if you so choose.
    Family 1:

    Family 2:

    Family 3:

    Family 4:

    Family 5:

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    Family 1:
    Mom, Penny Reyana Rantis
    Dad, Donny Rodney Rantis
    Girl 1, Molly Reyana Rantis
    Girl 2, Willa Quinn Rantis

    Family 2:
    Scarf Man, John Barrowman
    Jacket Man, Scott Gill
    Child, Amelia Rose Barrowman

    Family 3:
    Mom, Cynthia Drea Hyun
    Dad, Raymond Cerulean Hyun
    Boy 1, Maxwell Albert Hyun
    Boy 2, Neil Raymond Hyun

    Family 4:
    Mom, Hailey Marilyn Donteis
    Dad, Kelly Moss Donteis
    Boy, Bernard Haskell Donteis
    Girl, Cherry Jay Donteis

    Family 5:
    Mom, Gracia Mae Olvin
    Boy, Garret Matthew Olvin

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Jameson John Cariou.
    DW: Angelina Mae Cariou (Nordin).
    - DD: Aurora Rose Cariou.
    - DD: Ariel Josephine Cariou.

    DH: Alejandro Juan Venhuizen.
    DH: Tucker Michael Winston.

    DH: Oscar Jonathan Hamada.
    DW: Gabrielle Marie Hamada (Anderson).
    - DS: Abel Alexander Hamada.
    - DD: Laila Catherine Hamada.

    DH: Gael Cameron Reeves.
    DW: Amy Katherine Reeves (Perrotta).
    - DD: Mckenzie Rae Reeves.
    - DS: Malachi Vincent Reeves.

    DW: Rachel Adeline Connor (Klein).
    - DS: Bradley Thomas Connor.

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