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    Ivy Josephine? Or?

    O.k. Hubby and I both really like Ivy. We are adding it to the list....

    Here are the combos we are wanting input on, please

    Ivy Josephine Pearl

    Ivy Victoria Anne

    Ivy Caroline

    Of those which is your favorite?
    Thanks so much!!
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    I LOVE Ivy Victoria Anne, though I do think the As run into each other. Ivy Victoria Pearl, however, would be stunning! I also love Ivy Caroline. Ivy Josephine Pearl is okay, but doesn't seem to have that special something.
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    Ivy Josephine Pearl- I like this, if you don't mind having two word nature names in a combo, .Ivy Josephine is lovely.

    Ivy Victoria Anne- this has excellent flow except a bit v heavy at the start. I love the juxtaposition of the vintage, quirky Ivy to the regal and Royal classics Victoria and Anne.

    Ivy Caroline- so sweet, great flow.

    It's a tough call I'm torn between Ivy Caroline and Ivy Victoria Anne, they are different from one another, it probably depends on which way you want to go stylistically. Ivy Caroline is more laid back to me.

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    I love Ivy Josephine! For some reason I'm not as keen on having Pearl attached at the end, but I do really love Ivy Josephine! I love Ivy Caroline, as well. I always thought that if I added Ivy to my list, I would use Ivy Catherine or Ivy Sophia. Wait--I take that back. Years ago Ivy was on my list--my combo was Ivy Natalia, then Ivy Corinne (Ivy Corinna?). I still like Ivy Catherine and Ivy Sophia much more, though. And I love your ideas of Ivy Josephine and Ivy Caroline.
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    Tough call! I really like the unexpectedness of Ivy Caroline. Def have not seen that combo before, and I'm on here a lot! But Ivy Josephine with or without Pearl is lovely.

    Ivy Victoria I actually prefer without the Anne. With the Anne, the back to back Vs really stands out and nags at me. Without the Anne it flows better to me. Ivy Victoria alone might be my fave!
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