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    Jonathan Grayson?

    What do you all think of Jonathan Grayson? The name just popped into my head and I really like it, but is it too in your face with the Confederate meaning? Jonathan Jackson and Confederate Gray? I do have a love for older, obscure names, cowboy/cowgirl names, well, good names in general will make me swoon. Any suggestions and comments are welcome

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    I didn't think about the Confederate meaning... but I do prefer Jonathan Gray. Jonathan Grayson is too -n -n...
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    I wouldn't have made that connection if you didn't point it out. I agree with the previous comment, though. Jonathan Gray sounds a bit better than Jonathan Grayson. The -an/-on endings together isn't ideal.

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    Jonathan Jackson? What?
    Robert Gray or Rebel Gray or Jefferson Gray or Davis Gray or Lee Gray = sure, confederate.
    Somehow Jonathan missed this non-Yankee in history classes growing up.
    Jonathan Grayson is handsome. The double -n doesn't bother me too much. I can see the rhythm of Jonathan Gray being better, but maybe that's even more confederate?

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    Oh wait, Stonewall? Yeah, I'd venture I'm not alone in not knowing his first name was Jonathan. And googling around it looks like he was Thomas Jonathan technically anyway?

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