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    Which middle names for Marlow?

    Hello, everyone. I am looking to narrow down the middle name choices for Marlow. If you have seen me around before you will know that I go for two middle names, one of those being Japanese. Since I know those are unfamiliar to most, I will provide pronunciations and the name meaning for curious minds.

    Please pick your overall favorite or the combo you can most tolerate if my names are not to your liking:

    Marlow Beatrix Isshin
    Marlow Hibiki Estelle
    Marlow Hibiki Clémence (clay-mahns; she would be raised with French so I like the idea of using a French name)

    Pronounced: ish-sheen
    Means: one heart

    Pronounced: hi-bee-kee
    Means: echo, sound
    Special mention: My career is as an ultrasound technician, so I like that in an indirect way it could honor me. However, I am not sure if that's weird, to choose a name that would honor myself. Even if I am her mother.
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    I like Marlow Hibiki Estelle the best.
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    Marlow Beatrix Isshin and Marlow Hibiki Clémence are both beautiful! Marlow is one of my favourite names (although I prefer it spelt Marlowe) and Beatrix is also a favourite I think Clémence is really cute too so I'd have a hard time choosing between these two. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the feedback thus far, everyone
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    I love Marlow Beatrix and Marlow Cecily, but I think the names with Hibiki in the middle flow better than the ones with Isshin. Isshin seems sort of tacked on to me, but that's probably just because it's unfamiliar.

    I like Marlow Hibiki Estelle and Marlow Hibiki Clemence best.
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