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Thread: **happy dance**

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    Oh, Congrats! How exciting! I find those 3D/4D ultrasounds a little freaky looking but soo awesome when they give you the gender.

    I really like Carys Amelia!
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    I like Amelia Joelle, but I'd spell it Emilia Joelle (and pronounce it the same as Amelia) because it's less popular and more classic to me.

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    Aw!! Congratulations!!! so excited for you!
    All of the names in your list are so pretty! My favorites are Amelia and Carys! Love Joelle for middle.
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    Congrats! Both Amelia and Corrine are great...
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    I love Corinne Amelia! It is so sweet and sophisticated at the same time. My second choice would be Amelia Joelle.

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