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    Asa is my top choice for a boy, so I love it. I've seen it used on girls too, and I suppose it could work- but I think it's works better on a boy. I'm just not a fan of Rhys, Reese or Reece. I just don't like it for either sex. August (my second choice) is all boy to me. I love it, but I can't see it on a girl. Augusta is nice though.
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    August and Rhys I could actually see on a girl. I do prefer Reese for a girl, but they're pronounced the same. One word of warning with Asa (and Asher, too) is that they are both Biblical names. I've seen a number of posts as to why Jews may be offended by the use of Cohen... In the most respectful way that I can say this, it could be quite offensive to religious people if you name your daughter after a man in the Bible. I'd recommend Aysa, which is pronounced the same... but might be a tad less offensive.
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    Actually, I would love to see a little girl name Asa. Personally I prefer Asha, but I really like Asa too. Rowan and Asa, sounds great together. Rhys could definitely work, imo. But no to August, sorry.
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    Definitely not Augusta, it's a whole different image and feel to me.

    We're atheists, and with that statement alone I've probably offended a few religious people. Can't say I'm not used to it, but it's never something I intend to do. I meant does Asa appear too Bible-y, like the names Ezekiel, Abel, etc. are so strongly tied to the Bible?
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    IMO, Asa is very Biblical, like Ezekiel, Abel, Job, Ezra...they are not common enough to overcome the Christian overtone. I do like tfzolghadr's suggestion of Aysa - the 'y' makes the name feel more exotic and international.

    Not a fan of Reese/Rhys/Reece, seems a bit flimsy. Plus, you'd have two names that begin with 'R'.

    Of the three, I'd go with August.

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