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    Avery is far more popular than you'd think for girls. I don't know any male Averys. But I think for middle name I'd go for Elise.
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    I think Avery is fine for a girl.

    Avery Ann: Plain and harsh.
    Avery Jean: Dated and in some countries they wouldn't know her gender.
    Avery Elise: Elise seems drab and without punch.

    Avery Elise is my favorite of your options.

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    I'd go with Avery Jane (for assonance) or Avery Alise. The --y to E-- is a tough transition in Avery Elise, so it will likely get pronounced Avery Alise anyway, and I think it's prettier. Avery Lynn and Avery Lane are also nice.

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    Perfect for a girl!

    Avery Jean is very cute.

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    I'm not a fan of Avery, as it makes me think of a rambunctious boy... Avery is in the same category as Rusty for me... but if you like it, then go for it. I'd prefer Avery Jane.
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