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Thread: Arthur?

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    DH mentioned liking Arthur a while ago and while I don't like it as a first name I could live with it as a middle name. Other combos we have are Isaac Gawain, James Thorbjørn and Marcus Drake. Any first name ideas?

    Another possible middle name would be Gareth. Would Gawain, Gareth and Arthur be an obvious (if accidental) theme?
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    I do think Gareth, Gawain, and Arthur would make a pretty obvious theme, but as middle names (not firsts), I actually really like it.

    Caleb Arthur
    Owen Arthur
    Samuel Arthur
    Lucas Arthur
    Richard Arthur
    Nicholas Arthur
    Ryan Arthur

    Asher Gareth
    Alexander Gareth
    Nicholas Gareth
    Anthony Gareth
    Joshua Gareth
    Lucas Gareth
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Felix Augustine
    Catherine Lark ~ William Ignatius
    Margaret Fiona "Maisy" ~ Calvin Gabriel
    Edith Primrose ~ Thomas Percival
    Jane ??? ~ Owen Benedict
    Eleanor Valentine ~ Timothy Lewis
    Elizabeth Agnes ~ Harrison Peter

    Anthea Valentine ~ Sebastian Luke ~ Elanor Astrid

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    I think Gawain and Gareth are much too close. Arthur is nice, if not a bit nerdy sounding...
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    I've always loved Arthurian legends. Gawain was my favorite by far but I never mentioned it to DH. I did however suggest Gareth. That's when he said he liked Gawain. I have no problem using them both (they're brothers anyway) but with Arthur I was afraid it was too much.

    Its actually the nerdiness of it that's growing on me. Simon and Isaiah (my two favorite names) have the same feel to me as Arthur.
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