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    What are the chances? Well, we're talking Sophia here...

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    I'm not a name nerd but fascinated by baby naming trends, and on the hunt for a name for my baby due in August.

    I met a patient yesterday, with a baby boy named Ethan, being polite I said what a lovely handsome name you chose for your baby. And she lamented how she didn't know it was so popular when she named him that (this I don't get, like how do you not know how popular a name is when you decide to give your child a name he/she will wear for the rest of their life?? mind boggling to me). I said, well its #2 in our province but there were only 59 other Ethan born in 2012, so in a population of one million, that's not so bad. She just looked at me like I was a complete weirdo. I wished I hadn't said that out loud, she obviously didn't really care about how popular it was and I just sounded like a huge, huge nerd.
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    If I comment about a name rising and people think it's weird/nerdy, I try to cite something "common knowledge" to cover my exposure: Kate Middleton, the Duggars, primary school geography, the Beckhams, etc. Sometimes this works better than others.

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

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    I meet a girl named Abisola the other day and I love Abiola (huge GP). I accidentally blurted out "Are you Nigerian or did your parents just choose a traditional Nigeran name?". She thought it was kind of cool but everyone else around thought I was an alien. lol.

    Also my friend's niece was just born and she was so excited about little Ava Grace and how original the combo was. Thank god she texted me cause my first reaction was "it's pretty but 'yeah that's original'" <note the sarcasm>
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