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    I would stay away from anything too distinctly Bible as Henry and Mollie don't feel that way at all. I think Oscar, Linus, Clark, Vince (better Vincent nn Vince) all could work. I was going to suggest Samuel nn Sam, but I really like the idea of Silas so that Gideon wouldn't stick out. Otherwise my vote would go to Clark. I think that's the best fit.
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    Thanks for the input!

    @mamabear87 - I do like Silas but it doesn't work any better than Linus with our last name which sounds like "Oh tiss" and is very friendly with Milo

    @tfzolghadr - I know Vince is a nickname, but not in a way that I would hesitate to put it on a resume or campaign ad. Does anyone know any long forms of Vince other than Vincent?

    @bayles- Thanks for the list, this is exactly what I was hoping for.

    Evander - a possibility especially since I could conceivably derive Vince as a nn.
    August - won't work because I had a beloved dog with the name who went by "gus".
    Cyrus- just won't work with my ln.
    Fitz-I am accepting of this name, but my husband thought I was joking when I brought it up.
    Dashiell- Such a cute name, but just not us.
    Porter- taken by an adorable nephew.
    Sayer- I prefer it to Sawyer, but my husband doesn't like either.
    Myles- My inlaws' surname
    Avan - how is this pronounced?
    Edison- I know its not the same name, but I have an uncle Ed that is far from honorable.

    Thank you so much!
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    I like Clark and Ezra the best
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    I like pretty much everything on your list, but Oscar is probably my favorite. Some more names to ponder...

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    I like Vincenzo, but I prefer the nn Enzo to Vince. Actually, I think Enzo would work for your sibset. I really love Ezra, Oscar and Linus. How do you feel about Otto or Orrin?
    I like the suggestion of Grover for you. Or Clyde?
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