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    I was going to suggest Tino but I see someone beat me to it!

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    Vale! It's a GP of mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    Tiny. LOL! J/K
    This was totally going to be my suggestion. And I actually kind of dig it.
    How about Tintin?
    Also Vane, Tie/Ty, or Ente (I really like this in English but should point out that it means Duck in German. Though that doesn't really bother me).
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    I think Ty is an approachable, intuitive choice. Allie/Allen make sense, too, and V is kind of fun. I liked the look of Vane until I said it outloud...probably wouldn't want to be called "vain" by one's own family...

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    I like Val and Vinny.
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