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    Opinions on My Top 3 & Opinions on This Twin Set

    Hey berries, I've come up with my Top 3. What do you think?

    Mason James
    Adam David
    Daniel Joseph

    Also, is this a cute twin set?

    Mason James & Megan Jane
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    Mason James - I am not a fan of the name Mason but it does sound nice with James. James is a really typical middle name though.
    Adam David - Sounds strong. I like Adam. Maybe a little 90's, but it works.
    Daniel Joseph - Very classic combo. I love Daniel. Joseph is just ok for me.

    Separately Mason James and Megan Jane are good combinations, but I wouldn't name my twins something so similar sounding. Both first names start with M and end in N. The middle names also are very matchy - one syllable J names whose pronunciations sound similar as well. I guess if you really like them sounding that... matchy then they're good names, but matchiness is something that's definitely not my style.
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    I think your top 3 is solid- not really my style, but definitely solid. Mason is surprisingly popular though... but not so much timeless like the other two. Daniel Joseph is especially handsome, and I love Adam, too.

    Mason James & Megan Jane are way too cutesy together for me. I do like Megan Jane and Mason James individually, but they're matchy-matchy, which isn't my cup of tea. Something like Nolan James & Megan Jane would really get the thumbs up from me. Nolan & Mason has a similar construction, just Nolan is less trendy, and one step further away from being so matchy with Megan.
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