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    haha, I feel bad, because I never really wanted to join Nameberry. I had no desire to. I first joined and loved it there--about four years ago, the community there seemed pretty close to what it is here now. I loved that place, it was where I first really got seriously interested in names, and they were my naming family. Someone even suggested that I check out Nameberry because they thought I'd like it, and I looked Nameberry up, and I was like, "Nah." I just had no desire to come to Nameberry, hahaha! But then PC started to die out and it seems like more people like Nevaeh and Bentley on there than people who like Aurora and Calvin, or something along that caliber. I joined Nameberry because I thought as a whole, the members there shared my taste more than on the other website, and I was getting closer to graduating college, and I was looking more toward adoption and my future, and I wanted more serious input on names. I figured I'd post once and go back to PC, haha. That mostly happened at first--after my first response, I don't think I replied to anything for months--almost a year, even--but I was so bored with the other site, it just kept dying more and more. So now I'm here. And I'm not sad to be here, haha, Nameberry just sort of grew on me. I really thought at the beginning that Nameberry was this elitist, hoity-toity name destination, though, and for the longest time I didn't feel like I fit in. Oh well. I like it here now.
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