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    I was using to find out about names. I found nameberry through a google search and I didn't get an account for a while but i really like it now. There is a lot more diversity here my name for example on behind the name is considered: 1). It is not a name, 2). It screams ghetto, 3). It also screams as an "alter-ego" to a showgirl or such. or what about this sophisticated comment: It's a very pretty name. I don't think it works on white people. It so blatantly makes people think of black, after all. Certainly beats tacky ghetto-ish bastardizations of Arabic and African names. But a black girl named Ebony had better not speak Ebonics. That could lead to bullying in a predominantly white school. or this: This name is tacky and trashy. No offense, but I just can't picture it on a white girl. It sounds more like the name of a black girl in the ghetto who yells a lot. It started to annoy me so I looked for different sites. Here it is more diverse and even though there is a certain style even if you like the name Maddison Nevaeh no one will tell you that its a ghetto name or that it screams showgirl.
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    I found about 3 years ago when a friend of the family's son was born. I loved all the lists of names and found it very helpful to give them some ideas.

    I didn't sign up until last year but I used to read through the forums and I loved how nice you berries are and give such hood feedback and opinions.

    Through nb I've fallen in love with other names that I never thought I would like.

    My family think I'm obsessed because I talk about names I find here all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    What I like most about NB is the conversational quality you can have with other people about topics we all enjoy - and it doesn't have to end on the thread. Back a few years ago when NB was a smaller beast, and Susan and Jane were still around, and all the posters seemed to "know" each other, we were a little happy family. Now, there's a little more input, a little more head butting, and maybe a few more kinks in the system, but I think NB Forums are on their way to creating that nice big family everyone is after, even if the annoying little sister comes a'lurking every once in a while (we still love her).
    Lemon - you are so right!

    As for me, NB is an easy forum to fall in love with - even if you are past the baby-naming stage. Having been a name-lover for so long, it is nice to come to a site where you can give other people advice about names, or just talk about names and their history.
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    People in other forums tended towards generic trendy or overused names. I also didn't like how everyone thought it was more unique and original to misspell a name (Kennidi, Olyviya, Elissabith etc.), then to look for names that were actually unique and original and underused. I liked discovering new names from different countries and eras on this site and I like that the forums here have smart and mature people, more willing to help you choose middle names, good flows, less used alternatives etc.
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    There are other naming forums?

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