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    Like or Dislike // Combos

    Post three combos and the next poster will state whether they like or dislike each combo. You can add a little more information if you like but the point is to get quick feedback on new combo ideas.

    Primrose Iola
    Nadia Willow
    Rani Georgina
    [ Ingo Julius ][ Igor John ][ Samson Hugo ]
    [ Ottilie ][ Emeline ][ Anwen ][ Grace ][ Esther ][ Hope ]

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    Wholock, historian, biochemist, teenberry (16)
    Hoping to be a mummy in the future. Dreaming of...
    Caspian Sherlock Walter, Phoenix Arthur Blaise, Ptolemy Alexander Remus, Horatio Albert Louis ✦
    Mister Men

    Fae, Rue, Lyra, Clio, Clara, Lilac, Maeve, Pandora, Evanthe, Beatrix, Rowenna, Georgiana, Constance, Guinevere
    Little Misses

    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end."
    • Mycroft Holmes • Sherlock (BBC) • His Last Vow •

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    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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    Nathaniel James : Like
    Sebastian Arthur : Dislike (good combo and flow but not my style)
    Theodore Rupert : Dislike

    Gwendolyn Blythe
    Aura Joyce
    Isaac Raphael
    Boys: Zachariah Jericho Tobias Corbin Lysander Alexander Simon Felix Caleb Malachi William
    Schuyler Lennox Sawyer Carter Mason Bruin
    Girls: Nadia Jacqueline Bree Adria Cambria Holland

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