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  • Maxwell/Max

    11 34.38%
  • Lucas/Luke

    10 31.25%
  • Asher/Ash

    11 34.38%
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    Narrowed down to three... please vote!

    We want a longer first name with a classic feel, with an obvious nickname. The middle names are derived from family tree/personal meaning. Our top contenders:

    Maxwell Emerson Smith (Max)

    Lucas Emerson Smith (Luke)

    Asher _________ Smith (Ash) Middle name contenders are Jameson, Barnaby, Emerson, or Michael
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    I voted for Lucas/Luke
    My reason was that I think "Luke Smith" sounds better than "Max Smith" to me, because to me the x-s blend together, although it wouldn't be a total deal breaker. (I do like Maxwell Smith better than Lucas Smith, but with nn I vote Lucas) I think Ash Smith would be a deal breaker on the other hand because it really just ends up sounding like Ashmith

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    Lucas will slur to become Lucasmith. I'd remove Lucas from the pool. After all, people will say Lucasmith, not Lucas Emerson Smith. I'd change the option to Luke. Luke Smith is a million times better than Lucasmith. Max is pronounced as Maks, so it will slur to become Maksmith... Although I'm not big on Ash Smith (I much prefer just using Asher), I think it works much better than Max or Lucas with Smith. Asher also has a great meaning, and a literary character (Chaim Potok's "My Name is Asher Lev").
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    I like Asher Jameson, but if you prefer Emerson to be the middle name, my vote would be for Maxwell. I like both Max and Luke, but not so much Lucas Smith.
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    I really like Maxwell Smith!

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