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Thread: Kyle or Marcus?

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    Kyle or Marcus?


    I'm expecting a second baby boy in 2 months. My 4 year old son is named Mason Ryan. My hubby and I are leaning towards the name Kyle or Marcus. Which name is more suited as a baby brother to Mason? We think Kyle Marcus has a nice ring to it, but can't think of a middle name for Marcus. Please help!!!!!

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    Marcus is a bit too close to Mason, imho. That being said, I much prefer Marcus as a name, as Kyle seems soooo dated. What about Keaton, Kian, Cavan, Callum, Cyrus, Kenyon, or Kenton?
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    I actually prefer Kyle. Kyle Marcus sounds nice.

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    Even though Kyle is a bit dated, it's one of my favorite "dated" names. Kyle Marcus is a good name. You could go with something more unusual like Cael but then you'd be at the opposite end of the spectrum from Mason.

    Other ideas (just in case): Caleb, Cole, Chase, Clay.
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    I prefer Marcus. Marcus Kyle would work. It is a bit matchy with Mason though.

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