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    A new cousin for the already ginormous family

    Hi nameberries my sister in law gave birth to their fourth child (and last they claim) early this month and i wanted to share with you all bc i adore the names of their children together

    Juliet was born june 3rd 2013 and joins older brothers Elliot and Oliver and sister Lillian

    Mom, baby and family are doing amazingly

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    Their names go SO well together! Congratulations to your family

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    Congratulations to your family! Elliot, Oliver, Lillian and Juliet are lovely together.

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    Congratulations to your family! Elliot, Oliver, Lillian, and Juliet really are wonderful together.
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    Congrats to your SIL! Wow, I had no idea 4 kids counts as ginormous these days.
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