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Thread: Larke and Uuna

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    Larke and Uuna

    1a)What are your thoughts on Larke and Uuna? I've liked Lark for a long time but came across Larke today. Larke looks softer... but it also makes me want to say "larr-ka" (like with the schwa on the end, like for Elke). 1b) Any thoughts on Larka? and apparently i can't make paragraphs on my phone so sorry about that. 2) What are your thoughts on Oona & Uuna. Do you have a preference? Thanks so much!
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    I do like Larke.
    I can't say that I've ever seen Uuna before though and I don't like it at all. When I look at it I want to say Ulna, (like the bone) it's a big no for me.
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    1. Lark or Larka would be pretty. I don't think I'd go for Larke.

    2. I like the name, but would only spell it Oona or Una. Uuna looks bizarre to me and I agree with the pp, it does resemble the bone when with that spelling.
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    1. I prefer Lark or Larka. Laerke (with an umlaut over the a) is, I believe, a real name in Dutch or Danish or something, and in that case the e is definitely a schwa. I think Larke with a decorative e doesn't quite work with English spelling rules - I mean people would get it, but I don't think you'd ever really see Marke or Clarke or something? Maybe Clarke. Hmm. Still, I'd stick with Lark or Larka (or Larken?)

    2. I love Oona, like Una OK, and don't really care for Uuna.

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    I prefer Lark to Larke and Larka.

    Oona is my preferred spelling, followed by Una. Uuna just looks wrong.
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