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    North West... that is cruel. Kadence West wouldn't have been so bad...

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    Where is everyone reading that they're planning on calling her Nori? The only place I had seen it was on a woman's personal blog and she didn't say anyone was planning on calling the baby Nori.
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    Why, just why did it have to be North? I could care less if some celeb wants to name their child something ridiculous (apart from some serious sorrow on behalf of the poor little thing) but North has been a mn in my top BOY combo for such a long time. Oh well, if I ever get to use it I'm sure all the hype will have died down. Let's hope, anyway.
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    Maybe Kim and Kanye should have used one of these names:

    I really like North for a boy. North West is such a joke! They don't even live in the North and it's Summertime!
    Nori is seaweed, so I guess that is summery. What a gross thing to call your child though!
    I bet she will change her name to Nora.

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    seriously? did they really name her that?
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