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    I hope it's just a gossip...North West as a girl name is tacky as hell, even not trying to be rude! If only it was a boy. Even Kaidence or Karina would be much prettier. While liking this North West thing so much, they could make it a middle name...Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Kim but this is just so upsetting to see on a child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staceypsyd View Post
    My son's name is North (last name Joyce....5yo) and I know it shouldn't matter to me but I have to say I am sooo upset that his name, which I always thought of as rather cool and unique, is going to be used as a punchline for late night talk show hosts
    Dear Stacey, don't worry. North on a boy is cool and handsome anyway, either used by celebs or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -sarah- View Post
    TMZ is almost always right (they pay people off to get the info). If they are, I think that unique celebrity names have officially jumped the shark. I actually predict that "original" names will become even more dated and ridiculous than the brittanys and tiffanys of the 80s are today.
    They give no source. I hope it's not true.
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    If it is true - and it's seems like it is - then I'm just relieved it isn't Klementine!
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    I'm a bit annoyed to be honest, because I really like North as a name (mostly for a boy, though) and now they've used it, everyone will think that I only like it because they choose it. In reality, I haven't even seen an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
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