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    It's not boring at all.

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    I think it's really pretty!
    Some current considerations:

    Sylvie Madeleine | Etta Rosalie | Miranda Sylvie | Margot Elspeth | Hazel Matilda
    Archer Daniel | Emmett Sebastian | Donovan Ezra | Leo Anderson | Lucian Matteo

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    It's a darling name!
    ♂ Atticus, August, Benedict, Francisco, George ♂

    ♀ Audrey, Lana, Marisol ♀

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    I would be overjoyed to meet a little girl named Hazel Elisabeth Grace!
    It's super charming and ages well
    Alexis Rene
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    Just an fyi tidbit, Hazel Grace is the main character in the fantastic (and best selling) YA book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green! That's what it makes me think of. They're currently making it into a movie (w/Shailene Woodley cast as Hazel Grace) so depending on how well that does, the popularity could be effected. But it's a good book and she's a very interesting character!
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