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    Im pretty sure Ive heard Sienna and Verity on Toddlers & Tiaras. And I personally dont like Jemima (pronounced Jem-ih-ma?) just because it sounds like stuttering. I think Dulcie and Allegra are unusable. They dont sound like real names. However, I LOVE Beatrice, Elouise, Clarissa and Poppy.

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    Ok, so many people on here are anti Morgan, but I love Morgan. I know a girl who's name this is and she is so sweet, down to earth, sporty and probably one of the most well liked, easy going girls I know. I don't think Morgan is dated. I know an 8 year old Morgan (not the one mentioned above).
    Names I would like to comment on:
    Allegra - Lovely name. I'm Canadian and never heard of the medicine. I also have a friend named Allegra and it's just a musical name to her and us.
    Clarissa - Sounds VERY prissy.
    Deanna - Dee-ah-nuh right? I know a 16 year old named this. She loves her name.
    Elouise - I prefer Eloise.
    Fallon - Like the bird? I strongly dislike this and do think it sounds very teen mom ish.
    India - Unless you have Indian connections, I wouldn't use this. In fact, I might be offended (but I'm not Indian), to meet a blonde haired, blue eyed India.
    Jemima - The Syrup Company - This is in Canada, I would not use it.
    Kennedy - Trendy / Teen Mom IMO.
    Liberty - Toddlers and Tiara's for sure
    Morgan - See what I wrote above for Morgan
    Poppy - Saw some dislike for Poppy. I like Poppy. My only problem is potential nn Poopy
    Rowan - LOVE Rowan. Saw some hate. Ignore it. Rowan is so pretty.
    Stella - LOVE Stella as well. Same as Rowan.
    Verity - Similar to Liberty IMO.

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    I think you have a beautiful list of names! The only ones I really don't like are Dulcie and Verity, but that's more personal taste, I don't think they are "Teen Mom" or anything

    My favourites from your list are:

    I have Matilda Florence on my list too
    Little Munchkin due March 2016

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    I wouldn't say any teen mom/toddlers and tiara's parents would choose these, but some of them are a bit trendy, so they have the potential (but are unlikely):
    Liberty- like Serenity and Infinity and all those ones I've seen on there (not saying they would use Liberty, but those people like word names)
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