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    I like Matthew
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    Do you prefer Josh or Matt? I would make my decision that way.

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    I think they work equally well with the other names, but I prefer Matthew.
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    I prefer Joshua as a name but perhaps Matthew would be better for your family. Joseph and Joshua are a bit matchy. Also, Matthew keeps the two syllable family name trend going and it "fits" a little better with Joseph, Sarah and Rachel.
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    I'm guessing you mean that Joseph, Sarah, and Rachel are your children? Because, for a second there, I thought you were Joseph and you had two wives.

    Joshua is by far my favorite of the two--I adore it!--but if you have a son named Joseph, Joshua might be a bit matchy. For that reason, I would go with Matthew, but if you're Joseph, and your wife is Sarah, and your daughter Rachel, then I would easily opt for Joshua--I think Rachel and Joshua are fab together.

    Good luck!
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