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    I love, love, love Hugh! I prefer it so much to Hugo, as it's simple and unpretentious, while still maintaining its sophistication and classic air.

    Hugh Benjamin- I do love this one, depending on your surname... it flows quite well, and Benjamin matches stylistically.
    Hugh Samuel- Don't know why, but it doesn't flow so well.
    Hugh Philip- Doesn't flow.
    Hugh Thomas- I don't think Thomas would go well with a T surname, but it depends on the surname.
    Hugh Rupert- Although I love this, it would slur with the surname... i.e. Hugh Ruperthompson.
    Hugh Edward- Tied with Benjamin for the win. I don't think Hugh E. is an issue.
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    Thanks for all your comments. I agree, a three-syllable name would suite Hugh well. Hugh Nathaniel is very handsome.

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    Hard to find 3 other syl names for Hugh, most I come up with are 1-2 combo's sticking to the classic theme:
    Hugh Daniel
    Hugh David
    Hugh Dexter
    Hugh Dominic
    Hugh Lawrence
    Hugh Patrick
    Hugh Raymond

    Are any of these to your liking?

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    I think we have a winner: Hugh Augustine.

    Thanks everyone!

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    nice! congrats
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