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    I really like Aurelia Fern. I like the simplicity, as other posters have said.

    Aurelia Pearl (The Scarlet Letter)
    Aurelia Iris (flower, Greek goddess of the rainbow)
    Aurelia Penelope (faithful wife of Odysseus)
    Aurelia Fawn
    Aurelia Selene (means "moon" in Greek)
    Aurelia Niamh (Irish goddess)
    Aurelia Aglaia (one of the Three Graces)
    Aurelia Clio (Greek muse of history)
    Aurelia Lark (nature, Cosette in Les Mis is called "the Lark")
    Lovely Ladies:
    Elanor Therese ~ Rosemary Luthien ~ Elizabeth Gloria ~ Abilene Cecilia
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Susannah Violet ~ Caroline Mercy
    Elsa Evangeline ~ Jane Magnolia ~ Sylvia Pearl ~ Cassia Valentine

    Gallant Gents:
    Timothy Lewis ~ William Augustine ~ Sebastian Vincent
    Harrison Peter ~ Percy Maximilian ~ Owen Benedict
    John Paul Atticus ~ Lincoln Ignatius ~ Calvin Anthony

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