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Thread: Canaan

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    Name straight from the bible; the only thing I would be worried about is pronunciation. (KANE-en) / ( KAY -nan) Thoughts about the name! It's different and not heard very often and I love just the meaning to it.

    Canaan is one of the formal names given to "the promised land" held for the nation of Israel in the Old Testament of the Bible.
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    I love the name Canaan! Then again, I've grown up reading the Bible so it's not unfamiliar to me, and the pronunciation wouldn't give me any troubles. Perhaps to people who didn't spend a lot of time in church it'd be confusing.
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    Canaan was also the son of Ham in the Bible... he was cursed. I don't really know that it's a good or appropriate name. How about Keane, Kian, Keaton, etc.?
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    I think people are going to have a really hard time pronouncing and spelling it. I -know- it's pronounced KAY-nen and on site I still want to say something along the lines of Can-AHN/Cannon. And if you spell it phonetically (Kaynin or Cainen etc) it just becomes trendy-looking and strange.

    If it's really important to you to use it then by all means, but I'd be prepared for a lifetime of spelling and pron. troubles.
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    It's not that important. I just actually heard the name yesterday and I thought of adding it to the list.

    Some middle names ideas as well please :
    I was thinking;
    Canaan Gabriel
    Canaan Noah
    Canaan Jacob
    Canaan Nolan
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