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    My choice would be Mabel Kate or Ramona Kate!
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    Ramona Kate gets my vote! Roman is awesome with Hank.

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    Beatrix is my favorite, but I agree with posters who said that Ramona and Hank sound better together. Tough call!

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    Hank is so cute! A friend of mine just had a baby called Hank Alexander, which I think is adorable.

    I really like a lot of your names. I LOVE Beatrix (it's one of my favourites) and Beatrix Diana is my favourite combination. Your combinations are all lovely, but Beatrix Diana would be my choice. Good luck!
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    Mabel Kate is my pick. I think that the nn's of May and Belle are very good with Hank. I feel that Trixie and Hank sound a bit too nicknamey, so although I like Beatrix Kate I don't think it is the best option with Hank.
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