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    I don't know any Audrey's but I know an Aubrey and she never gets mistaken for Audrey (that I know of). I think even though the names sound alike, they are WAY different style-wise so they're easy to tell apart. I LOVE Audrey (I can't use it because it doesn't flow well with last name ) but Aubrey does nothing for me.
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    I live in the Northwest US and have never met an Audrey. I do know a baby Aubrey though. I much prefer Audrey =)

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    My grandmother is an Audrey. The name Aubrey isn't at all popular here. I'm sure it'd be the reverse - "No, not Audrey. Aubrey." Audrey is so much more beautiful!
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    I know one Audrey who is under 2 and the daughter of a Facebook friend. Audrey lives with her parents in Northern California. I don't know any Aubreys. Aubrey is a male name that went girl.

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    I have a cousin named Audrey (she's 25) and know of at least 4 Aubreys (all aged 6 or under) one of which is my niece. As far as I know, none of them have had their name confused with the other. I like both names but prefer Audrey.

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