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    Help with names?

    Im having a hard time loving my name combos I have right now. I love vintage names, but also a few popular ones too... Could you berries help me make my lists amazing?
    Penelope June
    Caroline (I just really love Caroline)
    Vivienne Aurora*
    Imogen Belle
    Louisa (Kind of a guilty pleasure, not sure?)
    Isobel Lauren*
    Cecelia "Celia"

    I like a lot of these names, but not the combos... Help?? Suggestions or rearranging the names would help a lot!

    Harrison* Law*
    Quentin Porter*
    Russell Bodhi
    August Micah*/Miles
    Rhys Lachlan
    Emmett Reed
    Weston Forrest

    * names are in honor of a friend/family member. I would like to use them in some way...

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    I love your taste in names! I tried to mostly just rearrange names you already have on your list, but I did add a few (mostly middles) as well.

    Penelope June: I love it just the way it is!

    Caroline: I like this name. Caroline Belle, Caroline Violet, Caroline Grace, Caroline Jane, Caroline Faye

    Vivienne Aurora: These two names together are a bit froufrou for me. I actually like Aurora Vivienne a zillion times better, though. Aurora Caroline, Aurora Violet, Aurora June

    Annabelle: I have noticed a lot of berries lately who just love Annabelle, but somehow it's just not catching on for me. I have always disliked this name and feel that I always will. That being said, I do think Annabelle June sounds very good together.

    Imogen Belle: I think the name Imogen is very cute, but Belle is not my fav name. Imogen Rose, Imogen Cecelia, Imogen Louise, Imogen Pearl, Imogen Kate, Imogen Maeve, Imogen Celia

    Louisa: I actually like Louisa. You could always use it as a middle as well. Louisa Vivienne, Louisa Pearl, Isobel Louisa, Caroline Louisa, Genevieve Louisa, Celia Louisa, Penelope Louisa

    Isobel Lauren: I LOVE this spelling of Isobel. I don't like that it ends in L and Lauren begins in L though. Isobel Cecelia (love love love), Isobel Genevieve (also love). I like this name switched too: Lauren Isobel.

    Cecelia: I love the name Cecelia and both the nn Celia and Celie. Cecelia Caroline, Cecelia June, Cecelia Genevieve, Cecelia Faye, Cecelia Penelope

    Genevieve: I also like this name very much. Genevieve Cecelia, Genevieve Lauren, Genevieve Louisa, Genevieve Rose, Genevieve Celia

    Phew! Boys names to come later!
    Genevieve ~ Lucy ~ Catherine/Rinna ~ Fiona ~ Elanor/Eleanor ~ Rosemary ~ Leia ~ Edith
    Primrose ~ Gail ~ Elizabeth ~ Agnes ~ Valentine ~ Jane ~ Magdalene ~ Astrid
    Mabel ~ Therese ~ Margaret/Maisy ~ Susannah ~ Gloria ~ Isobel ~ Juniper ~ Molly

    Felix ~ Ignatius ~ William ~ Finnian ~ Jude ~ August/Augustine ~ Calvin
    Thomas ~ Bram ~ Calder ~ Andrew/Ander ~ Sebastian ~ Peter ~ Percival/Percy
    Benedict ~ Timothy ~ Lewis ~ Harrison ~ James ~ David ~ Oliver

    *combos under construction*

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