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Thread: Kalyani.....

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    Kalyani (an Indian name) is actually my mum's name and I haven't actually ever really liked it though I totally adore my mum........ But the other day - my mum surprised me when she said that she would love us to use it.......A real dilemma as nature won't allow us to have a large family but what to do.....It's impossible to honour my mum, hubbys mum and other folk that have sentimental connections......
    In Indian it is pronounced 'Kohl-uuni' but how would the west pronounce it do you think - just curious.....

    Many thanks
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    I actually love this movie, although it reminds me of Deepa Mehta's film "Water"... which is depressing to say the least. I think most would say Kal-yahn-ee.
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    Yes, Kal-yah-nee is how I would have said it. You could use it in the middle? 2 middles? Or you could just tell her you worry it would offend all the others you'd want to honor as well.
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    Okay that's interesting - I thought folk would pronounce it - Calie - Ani.....

    Yes - it's getting head in a right muddle trying to include too many names so I think I must just have tell people that as we don't want to offend anyone - we won't use any family names.

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    I love it! So exotic and honors family and your heritage. The only problem I see it the prn issue. I also thought it was Kal yah nee.

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