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    My daughter has one middle name. Would it be a big deal if we gave our next child 2 middle names?

    Do you think it matters if one child in a sibset of 4-5 has 2 middle names while the others just have 1?

    I am just wondering what you think because especially for a girl, we would love to use 2 middle names, but we're unsure because our daughter only has one.. would it be that big a deal?
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    If I met you and you told me all of your children's names, I'd notice that only one has 2 middle names, but it wouldn't be a big deal to me or strike me as strange perfectly acceptable in my opinion

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    My youngest brother has 2 middle names while my other brother & I have 1. No big deal & nobody's ever cared. I don't think it's worth worrying over.
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