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    Florence Alba - this is my favorite it's just interesting.
    Florence Vesper would also be really cool

    Leona Vesper - this is okay
    Leona Revere has a nice ring I think

    Mabel Estlin is good (Estlin is hard to pronounce no matter what, but I like the connection)

    Vivian Lilith would be nice

    Zelda Rose - is pretty
    Zelda Meredith - is a nice balance
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    These are my favorites:

    Florence Kathryn
    Florence Lilith
    Florence Marilyn
    Florence Estlin
    Leona Rose
    Leona Lilith - I don't think this is too close to your great niece's name
    Mabel Marie
    Vivian Lillie
    Zelda Rose
    Zelda Marilyn

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    Florence Kathryn (but I may be biased!)
    Leona Rose (I just like the flow of this one, even if Rose is filler.)
    Mabel Olympia (best flow as far as number of syllables, but I wasn't really taken with any of the choices.)
    Vivian Lillie (I wasn't really blown away by any of these combos either. I prefer the spelling "Lily" also.)
    Zelda Rose (I think this first name needs to be paired with something simple like Rose.)

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    Zelda really stands out, at least to me. Zelda Vesper would be my choice, but Vivian Alba is very nice. (please vote!)

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    I love Leona and Vivian.
    (Due in October!)

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