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Thread: Laine Lee?

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    Sep 2013

    Post Laine Lee?

    Hi berries!
    I have recently fallen in love with the name Laine (spelling subject to change) for a girl. And my husband likes it also, a major score!!
    However, I want to use my maiden name Lee as a middle name. Our first option for a boys name is already set, so the only way to put Lee in would be for a girls name....
    But the problem is; Laine Lee? Too alliterative, too short, too insubstantial??
    I don't want to not use a first name I love because of my maiden name, which I obviously can't change....
    What are your thoughts?

    Also, bonus question, which spelling of Laine do you prefer?

    Thanks berries!!
    Expecting a baby girl in June 2015!

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    Sep 2013
    Also, another thought.
    Laine goes GREAT with our last name (which can be tricky to pair names with sometimes). So that's another reason to choose it!! But that darn middle....
    Expecting a baby girl in June 2015!

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    I like Lane best. I would go simplest so not to seem like I'm stretching for a unique spelling. I would opt for Elaine or Elena and use Lane as a cute nickname. I think Elaine Lee or Elena Lee feel more sophisticated, adult, professional. beautiful. Lane Lee is pretty, but cutesy. I do think Lane could suit a grown woman, but the alliteration makes it even cutesier.

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    I agree with tararyaz, Elaine would be a better choice because it sounds more sophisticated and also because in my opinion it sounds better in combination with Lee.

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    My fn is Lane, I like the idea of the simplest spelling. My personal opinion is that I need more syllables to follow a 1 syllable first name. Alliteration is nice, but two one syllable names with the same letter is a bit brief for me.
    Mother to Vesper and Ondine

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