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  • Vera

    57 44.19%
  • Esther

    53 41.09%
  • Agnes

    19 14.73%
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    Esther!!!! I love that name.

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    Esther Lou sounds great. Second choice would be Agnes Lou.
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    Vera is sweet and charming on a girl of any age, an absolute vintage-chic stunner. It makes me think of one of my favourite singers, Dame Vera Lynn. Vera Lou [Walden] would be adorable! You could call her by her first and middle as a double name.
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    Esther Lou is adorable. J'adour. I think it's the best of the three. Agnes is a close second.

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    Thanks for your replies! More input is very welcome!

    After much thought, and considering that we love all three names we have narrowed it down slightly to:

    Vera Agnes Walden (could use either Vera or Agnes as a middle but in that order)
    Esther Lou Walden (using Lou as a middle)

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