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  • Vera

    56 43.75%
  • Esther

    53 41.41%
  • Agnes

    19 14.84%
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    With Noah, I love Vera. I think I would go with Vera Esther.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rachelkathleen218 View Post
    I was torn between Esther and Vera, but I think Noah and Vera sound alike... I love Esther Lou or Essie Lou congrats!
    I couldn't agree more!
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    Love Agnes! I think it's just fab, and I'm glad it's gaining more and more attention. I think Noah and Agnes is pretty cool together, although Noah now has a bit more of a modern vibe, thanks to its soaring popularity. I think all three work great with Noah, but Agnes is my personal favorite, so that's what I'd vote for. With the two combos you have, I like Vera Agnes more, but if there's any chance Esther would get Tess, that would for sure get my vote, I'm a huge Tess fan.
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    I much prefer Esther... it just naturally fits with Noah, and feels a bit more classic to me...
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    Hm. Tough choice.
    I love Esther with Noah. But not at all with Lou. The Lou makes beautiful dignified Esther sound homely to my ears.
    I'd do Esther Vera. Or I might steal the V from Vera and use Tove for some old Scandi flair: Esther Tove, Agnes Tove!

    I love Agnes with Lou actually. Agnes Lou sounds French and sleek.

    Of your narrowed-down options, I like Vera Agnes W. Her initials will be VW - you'll have to put a pink VW bug on the birth announcement!

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