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Thread: Baby is here!!

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    Jan 2013
    Surrey, Canada
    Thank you! I'm glad I didn't have him in bed either. Haha
    Love, Claire
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    Mama to Lucius "Loki"

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    Lucius with nn Loki is adorable. Congratulation!

    I do have a soft spot for the name Lucius as my 13year old cat is named Lucius. My flatmate who i lived with at the time named him as he is a silver tipped white chinchilla (Persian) and she chose is as its Latin for 'light'. It sounds your blonde haired boy is the same!

    I have only met one boy named Lucius (and he was quite a rascal I might add!) and his mum was SO excited to finally meet a person (ie me!) who appreciated the name as much as she did!

    Enjoy your Loki!
    Mummy to the gorgeous Alice Heather and the delicious Harry George

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    Congratulations! Lucius Orion Krasimir is such a lovely name, good luck with your little Loki.

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    Many congrats, awesome name and love the nickname!

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    Congrats! And what a lovely and fantastic name!
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