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    I pronounce it (Eyes-uhld). The original spelling is Yseult.
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    I usually pronounce it ee-zold(uh), but I also like ee-zold and eye-zold.
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    I pronounce it as Ee sol dah, but others pronounce it Ee sold. I prefer the first one though. A variant of Isolde is Iseult.
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    I believe it's pronounced "Eez-old". I guess there is possible teasing potential because of the "old" part. But kids can make any name into something horrible to be honest. I had this name on my list for awhile..but in the middle spot.

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    I had no idea there were so many pronunciations of this name. I normally think of it as eez-uhld, but with super soft vowels. I think it is very usable. Since most people have probably never met an Isolde, yours can establish how to say it!

    Follow up question for the people suugesting the original: do you pronounce the "t" in Iseult/Yseult or is it silent?

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