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    Yara- Not sure what to think.

    Rivka- not my style

    Etta- Nice. I hate Greta, but for some reason I like this.
    Maelie- AMAZING.

    Fernando- not fond of feminizations

    Malva- Ew
    Caoimhe- not sure how to pronounce this

    Arlette- Sophisticated and different

    Amelina- Feminine and classy
    Simeon- reminds me of gorillas

    Zilla- nice and exotic

    Rosalia- Classy and plain awesome
    Waverly- So happy to see this on your list

    Fairuza- umm..

    Corsica- reminds me of a seashell
    Soraya- not to fond of

    Lennan- Again overjoyed to see Lennan on your list! I prefer Lennon though

    Christia- Reminds me of Christina or Christine.
    Simone- hmm

    Massimo- sounds like a pastry/coffee

    Mireille- to old lady
    Zenevieva- very kr8tive

    Isa- short and sweet

    Winslet Winslet and Chanson would make a cute sibset

    Ardis- like Tardis??

    Lilou- gypsy-ish
    Ophira- see Lilou

    Dior- Wouldn't use because of Christian Dior. Kinda like maybe your baby Gucci, Fendi, or Prada

    Odelia- spunky and unique
    Adeline- an amped up version of Madeline

    Malaya- to trendy

    Shawn- Idk for a girl.. There is always Shawn Johnson though.
    Makena'Lei- I don't like Makena and the 'Lei makes it worse

    Embry- SO COOL

    Embry- see above
    Rosen- Cool

    Astoria- If you're a Harry Potter geek, this is the name of Draco Malfoy's wife

    Claudia- old lady ish
    Malou- to trendy

    Isaura- see Malou

    Moira- see Malou
    Arlise- like Carlisle

    Livia- I don't like it but that is just because of personal reasons

    Raisa- sounds like Raisin
    Bardot- sounds like a wine

    Butterfly- are you serious???

    Olalla-- Don't like Olalla or Junia

    Isannah- Um

    Jadis- Short and powerful
    Nicasia- like Nicole

    Topanga- are you kidding me?

    Sabina- I prefer Sabrina
    Juliet- LOVE

    Olive- hate

    Noely- I prefer Noel
    Aanisah- Not sure how to pronounce

    Caspar- LOVE

    Zelia- nice and fresh
    Esperanza- have always disliked

    Zorina- fresher version of Sabrina

    Coe- #myguiltypleasure
    Whitley- don't like for personal reasons

    Ravenna- better than Raven, but no

    Eliska- prefer Alaska
    Helsa- not feeling the vibe

    Edeline- eh

    Tova- Sounds like Toe
    Muse-pretty, but idk if I like the band association

    Nelia- super simple and pretty

    Nerea- I hate these both

    Theodosia- Eh

    Chiara- ok

    The best sibsets are:
    Embry & Rosen
    Adeline & Odelia
    Winslet & Chanson
    Rosalia & Waverly
    Etta & Maelie
    teen berry

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    Some of them are for boys not just girls. & these are guilty pleasure names <3
    Butter ball or pumpkin due November 2014

    Married my best friend 05-11-13
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    I'm sorry!!!!!!!! @ilovenames89
    teen berry

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    it's ok i just wanted to state that i use these for stories
    Butter ball or pumpkin due November 2014

    Married my best friend 05-11-13
    Riley Bean went to be the Lord Summer of 2013...almost 2 months

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