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Thread: Kit

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    Kitt would be nice for a boy! Hubby really hates it for a boy though. But to my surprise he is seeming like he may agree to clementine nn kit for a little girl! But he likes it only as klementine. Do you think this would be acceptable?

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    Klementine is too Kardashian-ish for my tastes, and way to trendy. It just looks and feels really awkward, and if I met a Klementine I'd probably roll my eyes at her parents. Clementine is lovely, and Kit is a great nickname for it! If he's worried about the C-name with a K-nickname, you could remind him that Kit is a common nickname for Christopher.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    I really like Kit as a nickname for Atticus and Beckett.

    For girls I can't really think of any others that haven't been suggested except for Annika or Kira/Kirrily with a T middle name which is kind of a stretch.
    Adelaide/Alice/Amelia/Autumn, Beatrice, Caroline/Cecilia/Charlotte/Clementine, Daisy/Delilah, Eleanor/Eloise/Emmeline, Felicity/Fiona, Gemma/Genevieve/Georgia, Hazel/Helena, Iris/Isla, Josephine/Juliet, Maeve/Margot/Matilda, Penelope, Seraphina/Simone/Summer, Violet/Vivienne, Willow, Zara/Zoe

    August, Beckett/Blaise, Callum/Caspian, Dashiell/Declan/Dominic, Felix/Finn, Harrison/Hayes, Jasper/Jude, Leo/Liam/Linus/Luke, Miles, Oliver, Sebastian/Silas/Simon, Theodore/Thomas/Tristan, Wesley

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    I noticed both of the girls have L middle names and short first names.. so how about :

    Kate Lynn (instead of Caitlin)
    Kate Leigh
    Kate Lys

    Ivy, Cora, Kate (nn Kit)?

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    You could just call her Kit. I see nothing wrong with nonsequitur nicknames.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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