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    Ivy Grace is sweet. If she goes by a double barrel name, would you give her another middle name?!

    Please don't go with Ivy Kate, it's just as much filler as people think Grace is. Kate may be a classic name, but Katherine Middleton has made it very trendy in recent years.

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    I was thinking Ivy Grace Josephine.........
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    Love Ivy! I don't think I would stick Grace with it, though--both are "things", and since Emma has gone by Emma Grace in the past, I wouldn't use another double barrel with Grace in it. I think you can get away with Grace Caroline, since Grace would be the FN, but for some reason it doesn't seem as okay to reuse Grace as a MN again. I think it sort of comes across that you really like it, but you can't seem to love it enough to use it up front. Maybe that's not the case, but I think that's how it would come across to me, if I didn't know you, and all your other girls didn't have Grace anywhere in their names. If you want a double-barrel, I think something like Ivy Kate (Ivy Catherine, maybe? nn Ivy Kate?), Ivy Claire, or Ivy Jane would be great, though.
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    I group Ivy with names like Charlotte, Emma, Cordelia, Alice...sweet vintage name, but definitely becoming more popular.

    I love seeing other people use Ivy. Such a beautiful name & I love that it symbolizes faithfulness & loyalty.

    Ivy Grace sounds beautiful!

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    Ash- thanks, I total see what you are saying with Grace.. totally! Gives me something to think on.
    So, if we took the Grace out... I was thinking... Ivy Josephine, Ivy Jane, I don't know... at a blank.. something about the flow of Ivy Grace that I just love.... ugh.
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