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Thread: Maisie <3

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    Talking Maisie <3

    I really am starting to like this name... I do have a question though. Is Maisie pronounced May-see or May-zee? Like rhymes with daisy. I would like it to be pronounced May-see, but I wouldn't want to confuse people. I would also like middle name suggestions if it isn't too much to ask. I was thinking Maisie Violet or Maisie Annabelle. Oooh, I can almost picture myself with a daughter named Maisie. How would Ava Madeline and Maisie Annabelle/Violet (pick the one you prefer) sound for sisters? And I like the name Easton for a brother. Thanks. :-)

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    I say it like it rhymes with daisy. A pronunciation of May-see to me would generate the name Macy.

    Violet and Annabelle would suit Maisie's feel nicely. I think it works with Ava and Easton as well, but may be a little more classic than the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sansa_nanami View Post
    I say it like it rhymes with daisy. A pronunciation of May-see to me would generate the name Macy.
    I agree with this.
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    Maisie rhymes with daisy. Macy is pronounced May-see (like the department store).

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    Agree with all the above!

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