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    Would like opinions on Ivy Grace

    As a double name: Ivy Grace or Ivy-Grace
    Also, Ivy in general... where does it fall.. Vintage, Classic, Trendy??
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    Ivy Grace is a very pretty combo! I see Ivy as vintage/trendy. It has a lovely vintage vibe, but it may be trendy, because of Beyoncé's baby.
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    I feel like Grace has become this placeholder name that will be immediately traceable to this point in time. For example, if you meet an Amy Lynn or Amy-Lynn, you immediately think "80s" because a) Amy was big then and b) Lynn was everyone's middle name or Marie.

    So with the Beyonce factor, Ivy has become very "of the moment" and every little girl's middle name or second name is Grace right now, it will be inexorably linked to 2012/ 2013.
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    I have always loved Ivy -- it is my favorite girl's name and I don't think that Beyonce's baby's middle name will inextricably link it to 2012. Grace is kind of a placeholder, but if it has meaning for you, then who cares. I think Ivy-Grace is pretty adorable, actually!
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    Honestly I completely forgot about about Beyoncé's baby's name....
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