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    Your family are all lords and ladies and you have plenty of money.
    Anna Elizabeth Copperfield (née Lewsome)
    William James Alexander Copperfield
    -William Charles Copperfield - 14
    -Cecilia Elisabeth Copperfield - 14
    -Samuel Edmund Copperfield - 11
    -Ada Margaret Copperfield - 11
    -Elinor Violet Copperfield - 9
    -Thomas Hugh Copperfield - 8
    -Georgiana Charlotte Copperfield - 5
    -Robert Arthur Copperfield - 5
    -Laura Catherine Copperfield - 3
    -Henry Benjamin Copperfield - 2
    William, James, Thomas, Isaac, Elias, Oisin, Henry, Nolan, Ronan, Orson, Ephraim, Arthur, Robert, Finn, Jude, Kieran, Maxwell, Kellan, Leander, Josiah, Edmund, Gideon, Samuel, Oscar, Vincent

    Alice, Orla, Eleanor, Celia, Audrey, Genevieve, Honora, Cordelia, Ivy, Marigold, Sybil, Anna, Moira, Susanna, Veronica, Harriet, Aria, Vivienne, Edith, Helena, Charlotte, Isla, Magdalena, Rosalind, Violet

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