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    Where do you live?
    10: Rochester, Kent

    How does your family make your livelihood?
    4: As lawyers, mainly wrapped up in a complicated case that has gone on for years.

    Spouse 1: Elizabeth Rose Drummle-Traddles
    Spouse 2: Walter Drake Traddles

    DD: Lucielle Isabella Traddles "Lucy"
    DS: Noah Christopher Traddles
    DS: Abel James Traddles
    DS: Thomas Edwin Traddles
    DD: Matilda Charlotte Traddles
    DD: Laura Abigail Traddles "Abbey"
    DD: Grace Elizabeth Wren Traddles

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Where do you live: Exeter, Devon

    How does your family make your livelihood: You're in charge of a theatre troupe.

    Spouse 1: Jackson Jacob Ayresleigh
    Spouse 2: Serena Grace Ayresleigh

    You may want to come up with a full name for some of the names you select, as many of them are traditionally nicknames.

    First child: Vincent Jack Solomon Ayresleigh
    Second child: Madeline Louisa Beatrice Ayresleigh
    Third child: Elinor Georgina Violet Ayresleigh
    Fourth child: Letitia Harriet Frances Ayresleigh
    Fifth children: Zephaniah Alfred Edward Ayresleigh // Jeremiah Arthur Eugene Ayresleigh
    Sixth children: Cleopatra Ellen Laura Ayresleigh & Quinion Qabriel Reginald Ayresleigh
    Seventh child: Benjamin Daniel frederick Ayresleigh

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    ✂---Phoenix -Cyrus- Aeydn- Xavier- Enzo- Rory- Zandyr- Rory- Caius- Khyber- Troixe- Henry- Kaige- Khylen ┅
    ✂--Kairi- Peyton- Lilith- Alana- Elisse- Arlah- Lucretzia- Marnie- Octavia- Chyler- Isabeau- Clarklyn- Ksenia- Myka┅

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    We live in Rochester, Kent

    How does your family make your livelihood?
    4: As lawyers, mainly wrapped up in a complicated case that has gone on for years.

    Spouse 1: Henry James Roylance
    Spouse 2: Anne Grace Lilyvick-Roylance

    William "Will" Ferdinand Roylance and Charles "Charlie" George Roylance
    Nathaniel "Nate" Christopher Roylance
    James Caleb Roylance
    Mark Thomas Roylance
    Clara Arabella Roylance
    Laura Charity Roylance
    Camilla Wren Roylance
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    Where do you live? New South Wales, Australia

    How does your family make your livelihood? Running an inn.

    DH: Charles William Carton
    DW: Anne Marie Nickleby Carton

    DD: Lucy Isabella
    DD: Madeline Emma
    DD: Lillian Alice
    DS: Thomas Oliver
    DS/DD: Jeremiah Robert & Sophie Eleanor
    DD: Abigail Laura "Abbey"
    DD/DD: Sarah Camilla & Elizabeth Wren

    Chas & Annie Carton; Lucy, Maddie, Lilly, Thomas, Jer, Sophie, Abbey, Sadie & Ellie.
    MadelineSophia ElizaAnnmarie LillianTessa ZoeAnnabel AmeliaCaroline SadieEmmeline AdelineMaria LucyIsabel
    ZacharyAuden NathanielThomas AsherTheodore ParkerCameron NoahBaxter DanielBrooks WilliamJack JudeAlexander

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